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Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail is good, its support service number even better – Know why?

It is quite needless to discuss about the positive aspects of this email client. Known as the complete most email service providers of this globe, Hotmail also caters flawless support services to its prestigious clients. Blessed with 24 hours availability, Hotmail customer care phone number is severely instrumental in dealing with a long range of issues.


On which areas customer care deals?

Compatibility issues with iOS 8 and iOS 9

Fresh emails are not receiving

Account re-installation in iPhone 5

Emails are not showing attachments

Sync an account in Mac computer

Server puzzles in Windows computer

Account configuration in more devices

Email account configuration on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus

Deletion of some contacts

How to check and change the clock 


Hotmail customer care number provides effective solutions by the technical team it has. Let us discuss some of those.

Some highly demanded solutions:

1.      Email account configuration on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus:

For the synchronization of an email account, the users are requested to open the ‘settings’ application in the beginning, which leads the selection of ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ and ‘add account’. According to Hotmail customer support phone number, the users will have to select Outlook.com, which will ask them to enter the email accounts. Eventually, they can sync their accounts in accordance to the exact requirements.


2.      Account configuration in more devices:

The customer care has also discussed about this puzzle, which is not a difficult job if done as per the Hotmail customer service phone number. Even though it is an easy job, the users need to be tricky in synchronizing the accounts. Any user should not be bothered about dialing this number in case of any other issue, because it will reconnect him/her to the concerned department.


3.      How to check and change the clock:

The users need to confirm that the date and time is correct on their PCs or iPhones. Built-in clock synchronization is the best option to do this job. It is available on the taskbar where the users can make a right click on the ‘adjust date/time’ option. Hence, they will have to hit on the ‘time zone’ tab. ‘Synchronization with an internet time server’ and ‘update now’ are the next options to be selected. Hotmail customer support number nicely described the steps. It also helps any user to come out if any wrong step has been taken. So, there job is to be fearless while making the changes. 


Hotmail Customer Service Number